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Article ID: 5475, created on Jul 16, 2008, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 3.3


OS template synchronization with the new Virtuozzo for Windows 4.x node fails with error messages.

From the PBAS interface, it is not possible to migrate a Container running on Virtuozzo for Windows 3.x to a node running Virtuozzo for Windows 4.x due to unsynchronized templates.


Virtuozzo for Windows 4.0 introduced OS template name changes (from w2k3* to Windows_2003_std-5.2.3790*, for example); the following occurs as a result:

  • w2k3* templates can be installed and synchronized with Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5 only.
  • Windows_2003_std-5.2.3790* templates can be installed and synchronized with Virtuozzo for Windows 4.x only.
  • Before migration, the Container is based on the w2k3 OS template.
  • The destination node has no such template installed, and it is not possible to install it (so PBAS does not allow you to start the migration at all).
  • After manual migration via native Virtuozzo Tools, the OS template name is converted transparently into the new name and PBAS Conflict resolver cannot resolve the conflict, as the Container is already based on the Windows_2003_std-5.2.3790* template according to the VZAgent reply from the node. However, PBAS only has the w2k3* template recorded for this Container in the subscription and Container properties in the PBAS database.


To migrate Containers from Virtuozzo 3.x for Windows to Virtuozzo 4.x for Windows, it is required to use the following steps:

  • Upgrade PBAS to the latest available version.
  • Update the synchronization state/register new templates from the destination Virtuozzo for Windows node:
    • Select the destination Virtuozzo for Windows 4.x node from the list on the Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Nodes screen.
    • Select the OS templates tab; click on the Register OS templates from node button.
    • Select the Applications tab; click on the Register Application templates from node button.
  • Create a new Hosting plan clone for the existing plan that the Container is currently based on with changing the OS template during the cloning process (so that the new Hosting plan will have exactly the same settings as the old one, except that the OS template should be Windows_2003_std-5.2.3790* instead of w2k3):
    • Select the Hosting plan that the subscription is currently based on at the Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans screen.
    • Select the General Settings tab and click on the Clone button.
    • Select the new OS template Windows_2003_std-5.2.3790* in the drop-down list for the OS template field.
    • (Optional) Select the new Hosting plan on the Top > Billing Director > Product Manager > Hosting Plans screen, select the Applications tab, and replace the old applications with the new versions.
  • Execute the /usr/sbin/ script inside the PBAS Container to move the Container to the new Hosting plan created in the previous step; the script will perform the following actions:
    • In interactive mode, it will request the Container ID and the destination Hosting plan ID.
    • The plan ID will be changed for the Container to the ID of the new plan.
    • The OS template name for the Container will be changed to Windows_2003_std-5.2.3790* in the PBAS database.
  • Migrate the Container using the native Virtuozzo Tools (PIM, PMC).
  • Execute the Detected newly appeared Virtuozzo VE conflicts task on the Top > Action Log > Task queue screen.
  • Resolve the Container is not registered conflict for the migrated Container on the Top > Migration director > Conflict Resolver > Containers screen, selecting the Register the Container option and assigning it to the already existing subscription.
  • Execute the Detected newly appeared Virtuozzo VE conflicts task on the Top > Action Log > Task queue screen once again to make the second conflict about the Deleted Container on the source node disappear.

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