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Article ID: 5473, created on Jul 16, 2008, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 3.3


Virtuozzo nodes were upgraded to Virtuozzo 4.0 version. Backup removal or restoring in Parallels Business Automation - Standard system failing with the following messages in Action log:Failed to remove Virtuozzo Container backup: Internal error: Failed to get information about backup


  • upgrade Parallels Business Automation - Standard system to the latest version as described in KB #2043
  • comment or delete BACKUP_INCL_VES option in /etc/vzbackup.conf on backup node
  • import old backups into VZAgent database executing /opt/vzagent/bin/vzbackupsync utility on Virtuozzo backup node for every Virtuozzo node backed up to the backup node (in case nodes are not joined into Virtuozzo Group) or for master node only (in case all nodes are joined into Virtuozzo Group in PIM):# /opt/vzagent/bin/vzbackupsync root@NODE1_IP
    # /opt/vzagent/bin/vzbackupsync root@NODE2_IP
    or, alternatively:# for node in NODE1_IP NODE2_IP ; do /opt/vzagent/bin/vzbackupsync root@$node; donewhere NODE1_IP and NODE2_IP should be replaced with IP-addresses of Virtuozzo nodes. The script will request Virtuozzo hardware node root password and will import backups into VZAgent database on backup node
  • execute /usr/sbin/ script on Parallels Business Automation - Standard system to remap old backup IDs into new one providing backup node ID with -n parameter:# /usr/sbin/ -n BACKUP_NODE_ID1,BACKUP_NODE_ID2where BACKUP_NODE_ID1,BACKUP_NODE_ID2 is comma-separated list of backup nodes' IDs. Node ID is listed on Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Nodes screen in ID column.

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