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Article ID: 5368, created on Jun 7, 2008, last review on Apr 18, 2012

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Tasks "Creation of SiteBuilder site" fail after upgrade to PEM 2.6.3, and their task logs say:
system exception, ID '' TAO exception,
minor code = 0 (unkno wn location; unspecified errno), completed = NO


During transition from SiteBuilder 2.x SC to Linux SiteBuilder SC, only data are migrated, but not the tasks. These tasks had different logic which is not implemented in Linux SiteBuilder SC.


All SiteBuilder 2.x SC tasks which can be found by names:

Change location of site*
Change ftp creadentials of site*

must be processed BEFORE upgrading PEM to version 2.6.3.

* Note that SiteBuilder 2.x SC tasks do not have "Linux" or "Windows" in their names an that's how they can be distinguished from LinuxSiteBuilder/WinSiteBuilder SCs tasks.

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