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POA task 'Collect diskspace usage for service' periodically fails with the following error messages:
Exception during execution of MPF request: 'The remote procedure call failed. [<response><errorContext description="The remote procedure call failed." code="0x800706be"/></response>]'
Request has been timed out, details: system exception, ID '' TAO exception, minor code = 3e (timeout during send; low 7 bits of errno: 62 Timer expired), completed = NO
Some times the task completes without problems.


Most likely the reason is high load of MPS server or Exchange Backend, especially in case if there a lot of public folder items within a customer subscription, which should be processed in one task (for example, a lot of subfolders in a customer's public folders), this leads to node overloading too during diskspace usage collecting.


Try to change POA limits for Storage Usage Accounting.

1. Decrease maximum number of mailboxes or public folders which are updated simultaneously (for the case with a lot of subfolders, it is enough to decrease only public folders count):

  • Log into POA Provider Control Panel
  • Go to Service Director > Hosted Exchange Manager > Services > click on a particular service > Storage Usage Accounting tab
  • Adjust the values of the parameters
    • Maximum number of mailboxes to update simultaneously
    • Maximum number of public folders to update simultaneously

2. Increase task timeout in Provider CP:

  • Go to Service Director > Hosted Exchange Manager > Exchange Settings
  • Adjust the value of the 'Counting task timeout (min)' parameter

Limit changing should help to resolve the problem with the 'Request has been timed out' failures.

If the second kind of task failures remains (The remote procedure call failed), try to change settings of the 'Provisioning Engine' COM+ application on the MPS server:

  1. Logon to the MPS node.
  2. Run the dcomcnfg.exe utility.
  3. Expand Console Root > Component Services > Computers > My Computer > COM+ Applications
  4. Right click on the Provisioning Engine application
  5. Select Properties in drop-down menu
  6. Open the Pooling & Recycling tab.
  7. Increase the Memory Limit and Expiration Timeout (Minutes) options (select the optimal values in experimental way).

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