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A domain is not created in POA upon successful domain registration in PBA.


The domain registration cycle in PBA depends on the domain service template configuration. If the domain service template is configured to acquire name servers from POA, the last step of the cycle is creating the domain in POA. If the domain service template has the name server set explicitly, the domain is not created in POA.


To resolve the issue for particular domain, do the following:
  1. Log in to the POA CP as the customer.
  2. Open the Domain Overview > Domain Administration submenu of the Navigation menu.
  3. Click Add existing domain registered elsewhere. The "adding new domain" wizard starts.
  4. Input the full domain name to the Domain field. Change the Zone management ability and Mail Hosting settings if necessary.
  5. Click Next >> to proceed to the next step. Verify the information and click Finish if everything is intact.
  6. Log in to POA as the vendor.
  7. Open the Operations Director > Domain Manager > Domains submenu of the Navigation tree.
  8. Enter the domain added from the customer CP.
  9. Click Edit.
  10. Change the Registrar Status to Ready.
  11. Click Save to confirm the changes.
The domain subscription for a domain configured in such a way can be renewed, cancelled, etc., in generally the same way as any other domain subscription.

System behavior for new domain registrations/transfers can be adjusted as described below.

  1. Acquiring name servers from POA requires the POA hosting template to include the resource DNS hosting. Make sure that this resource is present in the hosting service template if the domain is purchased with hosting, or in the default DNS template if the domain is purchased without hosting.
  2. Name servers can be acquired from POA only if one pair is configured. If you plan to use two pairs of name servers (i.e., NS1+NS2 and NS3+NS4), the name servers have to be set in the domain service template explicitly.
To change system behavior on a permanent basis, do the following:
  1. Log in to the PBA CP as the vendor.
  2. Open the Product Director > Plan Manager > Service Template submenu of the Navigation tree.
  3. Enter the desired domain service template properties.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Select the Acquire Automatically option from the Name Servers group.
  6. Click the [...] button and select PEM DNS Controller from the list that opens.
  7. Click Save to confirm the changes.

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