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POA task "Backup VPS" fails with the following error:

ExSystem: ERRCODE 5000 ERRCODE_MINOR 2502 VZALib error, code: 2502, msg: #2502
2008-03-19T19:38:12+0900 vzbackup(18485): Starting backup. Nodes -
2008-03-19T19:38:12+0900 vzbackup(18485): Starting node backup...
2008-03-19T19:38:12+0900 vzbackup(18485): Error while backup. Please see /vz/backups/ for detailes.
2008-03-19T19:38:12+0900 vzbackup(18485): No VEs intended for backup found on
2008-03-19T19:38:12+0900 vzbackup(18485): Cleaning up...;

/vz/backups/ (on the destination node) contains the following output:

2008-04-22T14:32:37+0900 vzbackup(10605): Creating backup
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA1) to the list of known hosts.
select : [22] Invalid argument
2008-04-22T14:32:38+0900 vzbackup(10605): Failed to backup VE 1009


Necessary Virtuozzo updates have not been installed or Service Container was not upgraded after updates installation. 


To resolve the issue you should apply the latest updates for Virtuozzo 3.0.0 and to make sure that VZAgent  packages installed on Service Container have the same versions as packages on the node itself. VZAgent version should be at least 3.0.0-12.4.

WARNING: Do not upgrade Virtuozzo to the next major version (e.g. to 4.0.0), as of version 2.7, POA does not support Virtuozzo 4.0.0 yet.

Please see the following article about keeping Virtuozzo up to date:
To compare VZAgent versions installed on SVE/node use the following commands (execute on the VZ harware node):# rpm -qa | grep vzagent
# vzctl exec 1 "rpm -qa | grep vzagent"

In this examples versions do match - 3.0.0-12.5 on both Service Container and node itself.

In case the versions are different, you should update Service Container up to the current version which is installed on the hardware node. If you updated Virtuozzo using vzup2date utility, Service Container can be upgraded this way:# for i in `find /vz/vzup2date/3.0.0/ -type d -name TU* | sort -t- -k3 -n`; do vzsveupgrade -d $i; donePlease see the following article for details:
Once you have updated VZAgent, resubmit the failed task - it should complete successfully.

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