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Article ID: 4973, created on Apr 15, 2008, last review on May 11, 2014


Parallels Virtual Appliances and Apple Bonjour

Imagine being able to start a virtual appliance and automatically open the administrator interface. No more configuring an appropriate network, determining the virtual appliance’s IP address, or entering the proper URL in the Internet browser before getting to use the appliance.

By using Apple’s Bonjour in conjunction with Parallels Virtual Appliances, you can start using your virtual appliance more quickly than ever before. No more network configuration headaches or problems with DHCP or DNS services availability. You just start the virtual appliance and immediately open its administrator interface!

How It Works

First, configure virtual appliance's network adapter. Use auto-configure (such as DHCP service) or, if this is not available, use link-local addressing (Zeroconf). With link-local addressing, the virtual appliance randomly chooses an IP address from a predefined range of addresses

Second, make virtual appliance’s services visible to all computers on the network. Use the special range of multicast IP addresses ( for group delivery. This technology is called Multicast DNS – Service Discovery (mDNS-SD). The information about virtual appliance's services is automatically delivered to groups of computers and supplied to applications acting as clients for these services. For example, information about virtual appliance's web services is pasted into an Internet browser, such as Safari or Internet Explorer.

Safari Users - Select Show All Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu, and click Bonjour.

Internet Explorer Users - Download and install a Bonjour for Windows add-on from After the installation, you can find the Bonjour button on your browser’s Internet Explorer toolbar. Just click it to get the list of services advertised by Bonjour on your network!

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