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Article ID: 4623, created on Mar 28, 2008, last review on May 8, 2014

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Usage data caching of improved Control Panel performance

The VDS control panel has several intervals where the application reads and calculates the VDS and VDS Users usage information. Collecting the usage information from the operating system quota service and from the mail server can take a long time and can affect the response time of the VDS control panel. The delay in loading pages is noticeable when the overview page, the email/ftp page b and the accounts usage page.

To improve the overall application performance and the control panel performance, a caching mechanism has been added to the ServerDirector. This mechanism is optional and is on by default. The system reads and calculates the usage information every 30 minutes and caches the information in the ServerDirector’s repository. Therefore, the VDS control panel displays the cached information. The improvement in performance is noticeable when there are many email or FTP users. Loading the overview page of a VDS with 100 users can take over 30 seconds without caching. With caching, the page loads in several seconds.

Please note:

ServerDirector 3.8 and up - The default for caching is true.

Server Director 3.6 - The default for caching is false.

If you are using ServerDirector v3.6 in which the default for caching is false or if the caching was disabled and you want to enable it again follow the instructions below.

To enable caching, do the following:

  1. Open a command line window on a machine with formatter installed on it (Any ServerDirector Server).

  2. Change directory to the directory where the formatter.exe is located. In a ServerDirector machine the formatter.exe is located under %sphera_home_dir%\com directory

  3. Create a text file with the following content or upload the included enable_caching.cmd file to the same directory. The enable_caching.cmd content should be:

<API> <CMD cmd="set" keys_path="sphera\account_profiles\custom\account_template" cache_enabled="true"/> </API>

  1. Run the following command from the command line window:

formatter.exe -ip <SD Server IP> -u <Primary VDS user name> -ifile enable_caching.cmd

  1. You will be prompted for supplying the ServerDirector password. After entering the password, press enter key.

  2. The command line window shall display a message that process completed successfully. In case of failure, an error message will appear with the error description.

  3. Restart the SpheraService. This service is responsible for updating the ServerDirector with the usage values of the VDSs.

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