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Article ID: 4588, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on Apr 18, 2012

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Debuging VA installations and errors


The Plugin Installer log file is located at /tmp/error.log of the server.

This file can help debug problems whith ValueApps installation/de-installation.

If you were confronted with the problem, that installation of any ValueApp has failed, and you can't find the reason in /tmp/error.log, you can run the ValueApp installation in debug mode in order to get more information of the installation process.
In order to do it, please do the following:

1.     Go to ValueApps source directory ([Sphera base]/plugins/packages/[ValueApp name]) and open the INSTALL.INI file. This file contains the commands which executes by installation, uninstallation and update mechanism.
2.     Enter the following string in the first line of this file DEBUG_ON a "/tmp/debug.log" "HIGH" and after it was done, save the file.
3.     Try to run ValueApp installation or update  through VDS or Administration GUI.
4.     Open the file /tmp/debug.log, it should contain information about each installation step. Use this information in order to resolve the problem.
5.     If problem was solved don't forget to remove DEBUG_ON command from INSTALL.INI file.
If you run installation in debug mode, but the log file not exist, it means that installation request does not reach to plugin installer mechanism.

All Editing of  files is under the customer responsibility. We strongly recommend backing up the files prior to doing any changes.

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