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Article ID: 4551, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on Apr 25, 2014

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  • Sphera


How can I make Apache stay up longer on name based VDSs?


In order to change the time the Apache stays up on name based VDSs please do the following:

1. Stop ServerDirector (sphadmin-11)

2. Open the Hostdir.xml (/sphera_base/conf/hostdir.xml)

3. Look for sap_srvdown_tm="900"

4. Change the Value from "900" to as much as you wish (in seconds) 5. Save the Hostdir.xml File 6. Restart ServerDirector.

5. Start ServerDirector (sphadmin 10)

Please note that this change will take effecton all name based VDSs on the server and doing this will raise the load on the server!

***Please back up the files that are being modified before editing them.

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