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Article ID: 4546, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on May 10, 2014

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  • Sphera


When adding a VDS SpamAssassin VA in a VDS, always the default SpamAssassin configuration settings will be used, and not the one the VDS owner has entered in the installation dialog (For example; Rewrite Message Subjects Text).


The source of the problem might be with an old build of SpamAssassin VA.
You can check the rpm version using the command:
[root@paris root]# rpm -qa | grep SpamAssassin

RPM version 2.52-15 has some Bugs (which were fixed from build 19), for example:

1) The file [VDS Base]/etc/mail/spamassassin/ shows:

# Whether to change the subject of suspected spam
rewrite_subject true

It should be:
rewrite_subject 1

2) /usr/local/perl/share/spamassassin/ shows:

# Some common prefs settings can be set here, to take effect site-wide
# unless the user override them. See the user_prefs.template file for
# explanations.

# rewrite_subject 0
# report_safe 1
# subject_tag *****SPAM*****
# use_terse_report 0
# skip_rbl_checks 0
# check_mx_attempts 2
# check_mx_delay 5

That should be uncommented and set to "1".
This file has root ownership and could not be edited by VDS owner:

sh-2.05a$ ls -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 6139 Jun 30 03:26

In order to fix those problems, there is a need to update the RPM.
ServerDirector-SpamAssassin-2.52-20.i386.rpm is the latest RPM on the FTP including the following fixes:
1. is not affected when editing in GUI and not checked when 'get' operation performed. General bug with wrong GUI read/edit of file - Fixed
2. file is owned by root and etc/procmailrc ownership bug – Fixed.

In order to upgrade to the latest rpm version on your server, you need to download it from our FTP:
Please contact Sphera support to receive the update login information.
After you have retrieve the RPM, please run the command with the parameter - -nogpg (you can run the command sd_va_register to view all available options)

The command should be like that:
/usr/local/hostdir/bin/sd_va_register -i - -nogpg ServerDirector-SpamAssassin-2.52-20.i386.rpm

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