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CPAN Installation Procedure of PERL package to Sphera ServerDirector




This document will describe how to add additional Perl modules to Sphera ServerDirector.  Please note that Sphera will not be able to support new modules in future ServerDirector upgrades, and the modules that will be added using this method might be omitted by a newer version of Perl.


a. The Linux RedHat 6.2  7.2 or 7.3 environment (Depends on HostingDirector version) with Sphera ServerDirector installed.

b. The GCC compiler.

c. The MAKE application.

d. The CPAN modules that you want to add (you can download them from

Step 1: Perl Configuration

Note that you need to disable the current Perl package on your machine (if it exists) and use only the Perl package that is provided by Sphera,  as the default Perl module on your machine.

a. Login to your machine as root.

b. Check where the Hosting Director was installed (This path shall be reffered to as SPHERA_BASE).

c. Create the Perl directory on your machine at "/usr/local/perl" by executing the command: "mkdir /usr/local/perl"

d. Copy all contents of "SPHERA_BASE/plugins/packages/Perls/Perl_5.6_LINUX" to the "/usr/local/perl" by executing the command:

 "cp -r SPHERA_BASE/plugins/packages/Perls/Perl_5.6_LINUX/* /usr/local/perl"

e. Make the symbolic link of the Perl in "/usr/bin" by executing the command:

 "ln –s /usr/local/perl/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl"


Step 2: CPAN Installation

Follow the standard installation procedures provided by CPAN. An expected result of this step is that all CPAN modules were installed without any error.


Step 3: Upgrading the Perl package of Sphera ServerDirector

In this step you need to replace the existing Perl package in the "SPHERA_BASE" with the Perl package that contains the CPAN modules. Execute the command:

 "cp –rf /usr/local/perl/* SPHERA_BASE/plugins/packages/Perls/Perl_5.6_LINUX"


Step 4: Post Installation Procedure

After step 3 is done you shall have the Perl package that supports the CPAN modules you installed.

Please note: it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall the Perl ValueApp in the VDS.

Only new VDSs shall support the CPAN modules.

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