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How to reset Sphera components passwords ?


* Reminder!!! If you change the Cluster password you MUST update the new password in RD. Please refer to the following article that describes how to do it:

If you can't enter the Server Director via GUI and you don't know the password you need follow the next steps:

1. Enter the machine that the Server Director was installed on.

2. Go to this path : /etc/shadow.

3. On the shadow file there is a list, you need to find the record with the Server Direcor's user name : (vi shadow)

    server:BYZAPKCgxxkEg::::::: <------  The red text is the ServerDirecor's user name. 

   The Blue text is ServerDirecor's present password shadow.

4. Now you need to replace the shadow of the password (BYZAPKCgxxkEg) with a new shadow :

BY0.WgBuEFJEI <------ This is the shadow of the password : 121212

5. After  you have changed the password from the shadow file (via vi) the new password of the Server Director is : 121212.

6. Please enter  the ServerDirector via GUI and login with the new password: 121212

7. After you enter to the ServerDirector (via GUI) you need to change the password :

     a. Mark the Server Director.

     b. Click the 'edit' button and go the password section.

     c. Type a new password.

If you can't enter the Cluster Director via GUI, follow these steps:

1.  Stop the Cluster Director from sphadmin program.
2.  Backup and open master.xml file from the %ClusterDirectorBaseDirectory%/conf/ directory and edit the following lines from the %master% container:
('<master' ---> 'password=')

     a. For password edit the password value: replace the encrypted string with the default BY0.WgBuEFJEI for 121212.
     b. Save the file.

3.  Start the Cluster Director from sphadmin program.
4.  Now you can login to Cluster Director GUI with the 121212 password and change it to desired password from the GUI.

If you can't enter the DomainDirector's dnsmutil, follow these steps:

1. Stop the domaindirector.

2. Backup DomainDirector_Base/conf/dns.xml

3. Edit DomainDirector_Base/conf/dns.xml, find the line which says :


And change the content of it to : BY0.WgBuEFJEI <------ This is the shadow of the password : 121212


If you can't enter the ResellerDirector follow these steps:

To reset the RD administrator password, enter to the primary VDS of the

ServerDirector where the ResellerDirector is installed and execute the

following command:

php /usr/local/grs/scripts/reset_admin_passwd.php

You will be prompted to enter the new password.

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