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What to do when the XML is corrupted?


1. Make sure that Hostdir is not working  using the *command 'ps -efw | grep manager'
    You should get 5 instances more or less of the manager process if it is running properly.
    If you do not get something similar to that it means the HostDir is not running.
2. Check the XML File, if it is corrupted, 
     a. change the XML.Backup to .XML (Make sure to backup the current corrupted XML File for futher investigations).
     b.'cp hostdir.xml hostdir.xml.25012001' <- Backing up the current corrupted XML file.
     c.'cp hostdir.xml.backup hostdir.xml' <- Changing the backup file to be the production file (Choose yes to overwrite it when it asks you for it)
3. Run 'sphadmin'. choose option number 14 (Viewable from the 99 Menu) and do not enter anything as a command line parameter.

*ps command shows you the processes running on the machine

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