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What are the advantages of a dedicated IP VDS over a shared IP (name based) VDS ?



The following are some of the advantages of a Dedicated IP VDS over a shared IP (name based ) VDS:

* Dedicated IP VDS will be able to user more applications as some require a dedicated IP address.
* More VDS features: for example anonymous FTP that requires dedicated IP address.
* Dedicated IP allows connection from outside of the VDS to applications such as databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL) that may be installed
   in the VDS (Linux).
* When Moving a VDS the IP will be kept (in case TI are balancing the VDS on the servers) .
* In cases where a customer installs some application that requires the IP and not only the domain.
* The Login by the VDS users is done only with user name and password and not with the VDS domain (e.g. Mail, FTP, Control Panel).
* The IP-based Apache is always up (in shared IP its up only when a new request arrives) therefore it is relatively more available for
* Dedicated IP VDS can be offered with a dedicated SSL certification.

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