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Article ID: 4476, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on Apr 17, 2012

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  • Sphera


While performing actions that require communication with mail server (enable/disable a VDS, add/remove mailboxes etc), getting the error:

"can't communicate with mail server"



When working with Mail Site,
It is possible that the postmaster user has a different password in:
SD --> %sphera_home_dir%/conf/mailconf.ini
Mail Server --> Main domain --> postmaster mailbox --> properties

In order to have the same password on both machines follow these steps:

On SD machine:
- Opene: %sphera_home_dir%/conf/mailconf.ini
- Copy the password for postmaster - this is an encrypted password
- Execute from command prompt:
%sphera_home_dir%\upgrade\scripts\PswdEncrypt.exe" \d

For example:
"C:\Program Files\Sphera\ServerDirector\upgrade\scripts\PswdEncrypt.exe" \d 329420551f90f00a

Will give the output:
Decrypted password: 121212


On Mail Site machine:
- Open: Start -> All Programs -> Rockliffe MailSite -> MailSite Console
- In the MailSite Console, open MAIL_SERVER -> Domains ->
- Mark Mailboxes node, and click on the "Find" button
- Right click on "postmaster" mail box -> select "properties" -> open "General" tab
- In "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields, enter the password that you have decrypted (after it was copied from mailconf.ini on SD machine)


Note: If you change the password for postmaster on the mail server, you have to set the same password (encrypted) in mailconf.ini on all SDW in your environment

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