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What should I check if a DNS record is not updated in one of the DNS's:


A list of things to check in the Name server (Domain Director):


1. check Mount from primary to secondary DNS.


[root@nameserver root]# df -h

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on



                       35G   25G  8.6G  74% /mnt/slave


2. Check domain exists in named.conf

[root@nameserver root]# cd /usr/sphera/DomainDirector/etc/


less named.conf


/ serach for requested dns record


3. Check domain DB file exists in name server:


cd /usr/sphera/DomainDirector/var/named/


ls -l | grep


4. Enable and disable DNS for this domain


See that named record or DB file were created.


5. Check named process is running:


ps -efw |grep named to restart it you can use  /etc/rc.d/initd/Snamed_dm stop/start


6. Execute sphadmin


stop and start DomainDirector


7. Restart bind (named process) in master (ServerDirector)


/etc/rc.d/initd/Snamed_hd in the ServerDirector machine. Check that notifies are being sent using the /var/log/messages log after the named process was restarted.

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