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HowTo extract/re-install the glibc RPM manually


Boot from any rescue CD

Mount recursively all partitions inside any folder ( for example /mnt) with read&write option.

If the glibc rpm package is not accessible, download it or copy it from any source.
Change directory to the folder where server partitions are mounted.

Extract the rpm here using rpm2cpio and cpio 
    Now try to chroot here, if chroot is successfull :
    Execute /usr/sbin/glibc_post_upgrade
    Exit chroot, un-mount server partitions and reboot the machine.

    Example :
    # cd /mnt
    # rpm2cpio ../glibc-2.2.4-29.i386.rpm | cpio -i --make-directories
    32030 blocks
    # chroot .
    bash# /usr/sbin/glibc_post_upgrade
    bash# exit
    # umount -a

  Note:  Standard RedHat rescue CD (RedHat SysAdmin Survival CD) contains all needed files for this operation  (rpm2cpio, cpio). If you haven't got these applications, try to use rpm2cpio and cpio directly from the server partitions ([mount_folder]/usr/bin/rpm2cpio ,[mount_folder]/bin/cpio)

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