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Getting error when trying to remove VA:
DoDelFromDepend: Fail to remove from
.dependlist Command del on ValueApp failed.


Each VDS has a dependency control system under [VDS Base]/etc/depend directory. Each VA that is being installed and has dependencies creates a file that every dependent VA is being installed to VDS is registered in it.

For example:
[root@liparis NEW root]# cat ~[VDS Name]/etc/depend/php.dependlist
phpMyadmin: PhpMyAdmins
[root@liparis NEW root]#

That line in this file shows the system that PhpMyAdmins VA is installed on the VDS and has to be removed first to removing Mod_php VA.

Another example:
[root@linux4es depend]# more perl.dependlist
mod_perl: Mod_perl

As file indicates, Perl can not be removed until the dependency Mod Perl will be removed.

In order to debug a problem at the customer Server, it is recommends to add the same VA that are installed on the customer VDS in your own VDS and test the structure and content of the file.
This will give you a clear vision on how the file should look like.

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