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The Helix MiniSDK ValueApp that is supplied with Sphera SD 3.7 enables the VDS to stream real media to VDS. The ValueApp should be registered as any MiniSDK ValueApp. ValueApp's registration requires an installed and running Helix RealServer on the same machine where the ValueApp is installed.

The ValueApp creates a directory at VDS/real-media-files directory and adds a mount point for the user in the Helix configuration file at <SD_BASE>/plugins/packages/realserver9/rmserver.cfg.

An example for that can be seen below for VDS teststream2:

<!-- F I L E S Y S T E M S -->
<!-- ====================== -->
<List Name="FSMount">
<!-- teststream2 Added By Sphera; Media -->
<List Name="teststream2 RealSystem Content">
<Var ShortName="pn-local"/><!-- teststream2 -->
<Var MountPoint="/teststream2/"/>
<Var BasePath="/home/accounts/teststream2/real-media-content"/><!-- teststream2 -->
</List><!-- end teststream2 -->

The ValueApp installation also copies a real media file into the directory for testing it:

[root@www2311 root]# ls /home/accounts/teststream2/real-media-content


In order for the files to stream, the server should be configured to bind to all IP addresses:

<List Name="IPBindings">
<Var Address_1=""/>

Usually listening on port:

<Var RTSPPort="554"/>
<Var PNAPort="7070"/>

The file is viewed by real player on:


For example:


Any error is logged in at the following file:


The above data is a summary of Sphera's support responsibility for this ValueApp. Usually it works fine and no special problems are detected.

Most of the SPRs and questions regarding this ValueApp were regarding its server configuration, which are out of our scope.

Helpful documentation about the server configuration can be found at:

By default, Helix Universal Server restricts HTTP delivery to defined directories. This protects streaming media content from HTTP downloading, which may place copies of downloaded clips in Web browser s. To serve content in a new location over HTTP, you specify which mount points allow HTTP requests.

Please refer to the helix documentation regarding this issue:

Please refer to the helix documentation regarding restriction for the maximum concurrent users for the service at:


Also please find attached Helix readme file that can also be found at Sphera's FTP site.

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