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From: Support
Sent: יום ראשון 08 אוקטובר 2006 08:50
To: Support
Subject: Sphera Security Release - Red Hat Enterprise Linux apache security update October 8, 2006



October 8, 2006

Dear Sphera customer,

This message includes additional information regarding the Red Hat security release for RHEL ES/AS2.1 sent on August 21, 2006 and replaces our Red Hat Enterprise Linux apache security update message from September 3, 2006.



  1. The solution requires two steps:
    a) Downloading the apache RPM to the machine. 
    b) Installing the patch using the RPM tool.
  1. Before using the RPM tool, carefully read the instructions below as well as the 'RPM tool user guide' which is located in the Sphera Download manager: under the ServerDirector documents section.


  1. Verify that the tool configuration file exists in: /etc/sphera.repository/conf/sd_rpm_manager.conf and includes the correct parameters as described in the guide. If not, create it and add the properties required according to the RPM tool user guide. 
  2. Edit the RPM tool configuration file as follows: spec_url=
    rpm_url= <RPM Directory> directory where you store the RPM’s


Downloading Red Hat apache RPM: 

1.   Download the required RPM from Red Hat Network (



2.   Store the RPM under the <RPM directory> as defined in the RPM configuration file. 


Installing apache patch using the RPM tool: 

  1. To view the list of possible upgrades run:   
    cd <sd base> 
    bin/sd_rpm_manager –l
    The following upgrade should be displayed: 
  2. The installation of this RPM requires that ServerDirector is stopped:
    Execute sphadmin and select option 11 from the menu. 
  3. To install this RPM run:
    <ServerDirector base>/bin/sd_rpm_manager –u <list of all RPMs>
  4. Start ServerDirector:
    Execute sphadmin and select option 10 from the menu.



Should you have any questions, please contact us through your eService account at



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