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This means that the postgres DB which is in charge of the GUI is not running properly.


In order to fix this please use the following procedure:


1. Search for user sphsvc in passwd file under /etc (it must be exists from SD3.7)

2. Check if there is a process called postmaster running under this user (sphsvc) or run the command ps -fu sphsvc

3. If not do the following:

a. su - sphsvc

b. remove the data/ file

c. go to bin directory

d. run pg_ctl start (using full path)


Or if you have existed back to root, you can run the command:

su - sphsvc -c "/usr/local/hostdir/sphera_db/bin/pg_ctl start"


4. Repeat #2 to check if the process is up, and if postmaster still not running try to start pg_ctl in following way:

su - sphsvc -c "/usr/local/hostdir/sphera_db/bin/pg_ctl start -l /tmp/pg.log"

After getting message like "postmaster successfully started" check the log file /tmp/pg.log

If something like "Lock file "/usr/local/accounts/[P.VDS]/etc/hd/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432.lock" already exists." exists in log, remove* this lock file and try (3) again.


* rm /usr/local/accounts/[P.VDS]/etc/hd/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432.lock



Message from the pg_ctl "postmaster successfully started" DOESEN'T MEAN ANYTHING.

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