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How do I know if I have a Meta Base Corruption? (What is the Meta Base?)


The Meta Base is the IIS Data Base file.

Until IIS 5 it was a binary file and from IIS 6 it started to use a XML Format.

To backup the Meta Base from the IIS  Right Click on the Computer's Name and choose Backup/Restore Configuration.

How do I know if I have a Meta Base Corruption?

You will not be able to start the IIS console or it will be open with an error. To Check the Meta Base, you will need a tool called Meta Base Editor.

Using this tool, you can open and view all the nodes of the file.

You should open all the (+) and extract the tree completely.

If you will find a site that its tree will not be extracted, you can assume that this is the source for the Meta Base Corruption.

Check if this site exists in the SD manager file and if not  it can be deleted.

You can download and install metaedit from the following URL:

This URL if for metaedit for Windows 2000/IIS5 only.

This URL if for IIS Resource kit tools (including metabase explorer) for Windows 2003/IIS6 only.

 In cases you have a problem with a specific node the Win32Error property in this node will have a different value then 0!!!

*Please consult the support team prior any major change.

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