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1) Find whether the user(s) are present by using the following open API command:


open_api]# ./formatter -cmd '

keys_path="sphera\accounts\ip1sd1vds\user_accounts"/> ' -ip -u sd1srv

2) If the user/aliases are not present in the API result, then do the following:

Make a copy of ftp/pub/ and var/spool/mail/

If they are present then delete the users entries from the following files in the VDS :

a) etc/password and etc/shadow (Only for the case of user account)
b) etc/features (Only for the case of user account)
c)etc/mail/aliases and etc/mail/virtusertable

Recreate the users / aliases from Control Panel of the VDS.

If it is a user account then it should be created with the required home directory in order to save the content (Use the allow existing directory flag).

If required, Restore can be done in order to restore a home directory's content and mail files (in case of user):

Restore the var/spool/mail/(if this was not already done automatically by the system) and file in ftp/pub// . Check that the permission/ownership on the above files are satisfactory.

Note: ftp/pub/ is used as an example only, since the path may be different.

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