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'A system error has occurred ( missing some or all files ) Please try to login again, and if the problem persists, contact your Web Provider for assistance'

This phenomenon happened usually when a VDS is reconstructed (after a server crash) or moved manually to new server and is given a new VDS ID , This ID is different from the one stored in the DCM.



This usually happens when there is a problem trying to get a skin from the DCM.

In order to troubleshoot it, please run the API command below with RD formatter:


< P>


greseller=" "

keys_path="vds-username" />


And then try to login again the.


Due to difference VDS ID entries in DCM and the SD please  remove VDS from  DCM (check "Ignrore errors" tab) and then use import VDS  procedure from article 1037 to synchronize between SD and DSM.



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