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Article ID: 4308, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on Apr 18, 2012

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  • Sphera


When trying to open the VDSs Control Panel from the RD, you receive the following error: Failed to login. Please try again in a few seconds.


Also, When trying to perform an API command (GET) on the VDSs – the error "Either user or password are incorrect" is returned.

Please try to open the VDS Control Panel from the SD GUI.
If you succeed – try to update the VDS password using the following steps:
1) Click on Site Management
2) Click on settings Tab
3) Enter a new password and click update.

If you receive an error when clicking update – it seems that the machine's /etc/shadow file was modified and the VDS entry is missing / incorrect.

Please restore the VDS entry by edit the shadow file and add/fix the VDS password (please backup the file prior any manually change):

Here are examples for initial password for a VDS name home with the password 232323:
This is the same VDS (home) with the password 121212:

The entry exists from the following information:
VDS User + colon + Sphera Encrypted password + 7 times colon

After the VDS entry was restored, try to update the VDS password again using the steps above (This will synchronize the shadow of the VDS with the machine shadow file). If you did not receive an error (password was updated), please try to renter the VDS through RD.



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