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How to activate innodb in MySQL of VDS


The originally used version of MySQL ValueApp in SD3.7 was a binary distribution from that supports innodb. In the latest updates, the files are taken from MySQL and MySQL server RPMS from Red Hat, which is a more simple and efficient way of downloading the files. These files are not supported by innodb.

To enable innodb support (which consumes much more resources and is therefore not recommended in VDS environment) in VDS, do the following:

1. Download Linux distribution named 'Max' from

2. Extract from downloaded tar.gz or RPM mysqld-max file

3. Stop the mysqld in VDS

4. Move the <VDS_BASE>/usr/libexec/mysqld to mysql-orig

5. Copy mysql-max to <VDS_BASE>/usr/libexec/mysqld-max

6. Make symlink <VDS_BASE>/usr/libexec/mysqld points on <VDS_BASE>/usr/libexec/mysqld-max

7. Start the mysqld

This procedure works, but can be used only in imperative cases. Wide use of of this procedure is not recommended because of possible difficulties in updates/upgrades.

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