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Perform the following steps to register a VA that is giving errors.

1)  Use sd_va_register & see what error comes

# ./sd_va_register -i --enable --nogpg /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/-ServerDirector-Helix-9-10.i386.rpm

check for error.

Verifying /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/ServerDirector-Helix-9-10.i386.rpm.

Checking for existing versions.

The same version is already installed.

If the error is like above resume to step 2 else if it is a "runtime error" skip to step 6.

2)  verify that the VA is installed.

# rpm -qa | grep ServerDirector-Helix

3) If it is installed then unregistered it using sd_va_register command.

# ./sd_va_register -e ServerDirector-Helix-9-10

If no error then skip to step 5.

error might look like this.

Removing package phpBB-2.0.5-0.

Invalid operation on empty XML file: /etc/sphera.repository/va/SpheraCorporation.ServerDirector-SpamAssassin.2.52/conf/.SpheraCorporation.ServerDirector-SpamAssassin.2.52.xml.

This means SpamAssassin VA has xml corrupted directory.

4)  Either fix SpamAssassin directory structure else remove the directory all together if it is not installed from the directory

proceed to step 6.

5)  Check for the number of mounted file systems.
cat /proc/mounts & check if all the VDS are mounted.

# cat /proc/mounts | grep special | wc -l

it is a known bug if all VDS are not shown in /proc/mounts & is fixed in UP2.

If this is not the case, inform Sphera support else go to step 6.

6)  Re-issue the VA register command as in step 1

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