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What characters are supported in a path or name of the VDS files during ‘Move VDS’ operation?


All printable file names are supported except files with ‘@’ or with ‘/’ characters.

Control and white space characters that are not supported in file names:


Character Reference

\t Tab
\n New line
\r Return
\f Form
\a Alarm
\e Escape
\033 Octal
\x1B Hex
\c[ Control
\l Lowercase
\u Uppercase
\L Lowercase
\U Uppercase
\E End
\Q Quote
\w Matches a "word" character
\W Matches a non-word character
\s Matches a white space character
\S Matches a non-white space character
\d Matches a digit character
\D Matches a non-digit character
\b Matches a word boundary
\B Matches a non-(word boundary)
\A Matches only at beginning of string
\Z Matches only at EOS, or before new line
\z Matches only at end of string
\G Matches only where previous m//g left off

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