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Article ID: 4212, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on Apr 17, 2012

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When trying to ssh to the VDS getting "not enough resources" message and connection fails


 SPR 200063/69  

This is a known issue (bug) with "check_resources" module of ServerDirector that was solved in UP3 by creating a mechanism for Configuration of memory usage counting in the check_resources module.

The check resources module of ServerDirector protects and monitors the usage of several system wide resources: semaphores, memory, shared memory, open files.

In case that more than 90% of virtual memory is used (physical RAM + swap), the check resources module consider this scenario as lack of memory. In such case ServerDirector will not handle all the inetd requests and telnet / ssh for VDS will be rejected.


The used memory is calculated by:

Sum of cached memory + sum of buffering + sum of used memory.

The creation of a file called "check_resources.conf" under /conf/ in machine level will determine how to refer to the used size of the buffering and cached memory.


Create the file /conf/check_resources.conf

It should be configure the percentage of buffer & cached memory that should be considered as used memory.

The format of the file is:

KernMemoryWeight [PRECENTAGE]


Set the following parameter:

KernMemoryWeight 100

Will consider all buffer & cached memory as used and will keep the current situation (as if the file wasn

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