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How to enable log for pop3?


In order to enable logs for pop3 service, please follow the following steps:

The file that needs to be edit is .qpopper-options under [VDS Base]/etc:

1. Backup and edit the file "[VDS Base]/etc/.qpopper-options"; remove the remark (#) for the line:

Before: #set statistics=true
After:      set statistics=true

2. Change the line, set log-facility=local7, from 7 to 0:

Before: set log-facility=local7
After:    set log-facility=local0

3. Save the file, make sure to keep the same permissions and ownership.

4. Please verify that under directory "[VDS Base]/var/log", there is no “messages" file or directory

(If you have directory called "messages" under "[VDS Base]/var/log", please remove it).

Log will be created under [VDS Base]/var/log/messages..
The format of each output line is as this sample output:

Oct 23 05: 10: 02 lll. net /bin/ popd[ 21262]: Stats: ram1 0 0 1 410

** Explanation of output: **

- Oct 23 05: 10: 02 : Date
- lll. net: local node name
- /bin/ popd[ 21262]: Process ID
- ram1: User name
- 0: number of messages retrieved from server
- 0: Size of retrieved messages in bytes
- 1: Number of messages that exist in server
- 410: Size of messages that exist in server (In bytes)
- IP address of client

A line is created for each session. Authentication or protocols errors are also logged.

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