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Article ID: 4201, created on Mar 24, 2008, last review on Apr 17, 2012

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SD 3.7 GUI would not enable you to enable or disable DNS for a specific VDS.

It can be done using only API command:

Use the following syntax -

"export SPH_USER=<ClusterDirector USERNAME that is registered in SD machine's /etc/passwd> export SPH_PASSWD="<ClusterDirector DECRYPTED PASSWORD that is registered in SD machine's /etc/shadow>"

First check to see if you can get the VDS properties:

"<SPHERA BASE>/open_api/formatter -noenc -ip SD_IP -cmd '<API><CMD cmd="get" keys_path="VDS NAME" /></API>"

Now, in order to enable DNS run:

"<SPHERA_BASE>/open_api/formatter -noenc -ip SD_IP -cmd '<API><CMD cmd="set" keys_path="VDS NAME" dns_enabled="true" /></API>"

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