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Customer has run Uptodate or installed a new net-tools RPM, and therefore, IP addresses did not start properly on the customer’s Server.



The problem is that per the latest net-tools RPM (net-tools-1.60-19), the netstat command no longer accepts “netstat –in” but it requires the format “netstat –i –n”.

In order to fix it, copy the attached script to /etc/rc.d/init.d in server level. It will run the script netstat with the parameters "–i –n" instead of " –in"

What the new Script actually does is change the following line in the script:

Old Snetwork File:
UppedIfs=netstat -in 2>/dev/null | awk '!/^Iface/&&!/^Name/&&!/^Kernel/{print $1}

New Snetwork File:
UppedIfs=netstat -i -n 2>/dev/null | awk '!/^Iface/&&!/^Name/&&!/^Kernel/{print $1}

* Note:

The problem happens only in RPM net-tools-1.60-19.AS21.2 If customer installed net-tools-1.60-19.AS21.1 then there won't be any problem.


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