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Bizarre quota error

Some of VDS display illegal quota value.

aquota.users database is corrupted




That kind of problem can be the result of “Red Hat” bug.


Reference about it can be found at the following link about quota corruption issue:


The following procedure should be applied In order to fix the quota DB:


1. Stop SD


2. Turn off the quota on all partitions utilized for VDSs' home directories: quotaoff <partition name> 


3. Run quotacheck -fm <partition name> in order to fix the quota DB.


4. Restore quota limits of problematic accounts (VDSs) manually with setquota or edquota.

 For example: setquota -u <USER_NAME> 500000 510000 10000 15000 <PARTITION>


5. Start SD (quotaon will be performed by SD during the start).

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