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In order to perform a Secondary DNS installations please follow the following steps:


1. Install the DomainDirector on a separate machine.

Note, this can be any machine that does not have an instance of

Domain Director or any other BIND process running on it.

(using the Cluster Director or a Server Director machine would be fine).

2. After installation and if the primary DNS named.conf file

contains no data aside the default data, please skip this stage.

To create an identical copy of the primary DNS named.conf file

one should copy the data from the primary named.conf file

to the secondary named.conf file.

The file is located at the 'etc' directory where the DomainDirector is installed

(usually: /usr/local/DomainDirector/etc).

Conducting this process will create the required duplication of data into

the secondary DNS without the specific data related to the first server,

in the named.conf file.

(It is crucial to leave the secondary named.conf file with its specific server data plus the shared data).

3. On the Secondary DNS Machine, create an NFS share to the

'etc' directory under the DomainDirector base directory

(usually: /usr/local/DomainDirector/etc)

Make sure that you share it while enabling root read/write access.


4. Login to the machine where the primary DNS was installed and

create a new directory. Within this directory, you will create the mount point

to the shared directory from stage number 2. For example: /mnt/dns2/

5. While still in the Primary server, please execute the 'dnsmutil' command that will bring the DNS interface,

perform this command in : /usr/local/DomainDirector/bin

6. After you have executed the 'dnsmutil' file you will get the following interface items:

1. Secondary DNS Servers Management

2. Set BIND Refresh Time

3. Refresh BIND

4. Add/Remove Cluster

5. DNS Manager Password

6. DNS Manager Status

7. DNS IP Management

0. Exit from this menu

Please select "Secondary DNS Servers Management". You will be prompted to this menu:

No. Secondary DNS Server 'named.conf' file path

-- ---------------------------------------------------------

a. ADD



x. Exit from this menu


Choose 'a' and enter the path :



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