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How to find XML backup in the backup directory


The Sphera builds, in addition to the backup XML file, backup directories ,which backs up the Hosting Director components.

Each component has it's own backup directory which is located under /[component base directory]/backup. In this directory the sphera holds 24 backups of the last 24 hours.

In order to restore from backup an XML file of a component, Please follow the next few steps:

1. cd /[component base directory]/backup/ In here  you should find files named as follows:

backup.0, backup.1 etc'.

Each file is a different backup from a different hour. The backup.0 represents the latest backup and the backup.23 represents the oldest backup.

2. These files should be extracted using tar -zxvf command on Linux machines (in SDL4.1 - use the command tar xjvf [File Name]).

3. After you have extracted the files, the files will be created under a directory tree as follows:

/[component base directory]/backup/[component base directory]/

4. Under the /[component base dir]/backup/[component base dir]/conf/

There you will find the Hostdir.xml file

5. Copy the extracted XML file to the /[component base directory]/conf/ directory, and restart the

component using the sphadmin command.

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