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VDS shows different quota than the actual size of VDS folder.


1. In case the VDS usage seems to be bigger then the VDS folder size:

a. Open up the quota management console under the partition the account is located.

b. You can see the VDS users quota and usage Values the windows OS is keeping track on.

c. To find all files owned by the VDS users and not located under the VDS directory:

** Note: the following should be performed ONLY on quota entries that their

USAGE value is > then 0 (zero).**

- delete quota entry (Press Del while standing on the entry). Answer yes to are you sure you

want to delete the quota entry.

- You will get a list of all files owner by the user. scroll down the list and see path to each file.


To solve you can then take action: -

Mark all files not needed in the quota entries detailed list of files and change their ownership to be owned by another user.

2. In case the VDS usage seems to be smaller then the VDS folder size.

This might happen in a few cases:

- Files were uploaded/placed under VDS folder by sys admin (thus those files not in VDS user

ownership and will not be calculated).

There are some configuration files under the VDS that are not owned by the VDS, usually < 10k

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