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The java GUI package sits in the /www/htdocs/manager directory.

It is composed of


Ju[VERSION]_i[BUILD] directory (i.e. Ju3_7_i148) .

It also comes with a gz.gpg file. This file is used in the multi version cluster (MVC). Whenever an SD is connected to a MVC, this file is FTPed to the cluster, and then used to browse the SD GUI. This way the same cluster can show windows/linux different versions of SD GUI.

There are times where the class files of the Java GUI are corrupted. This can happen upon power failure, disk failure etc.

When this happens, some screen of the java gui fails to load.

This can happen in the SD gui , or in the Cluster gui.

In order to fix this, you can :

1. In the cluster Gui - delete the Ju[VERSION]_i[BUILD] directory. Next time when the user will login the cluster and click on the SD Gui - the package will be extracted again.

2. In the SD Gui - Copy the Ju[VERSION]_i[BUILD] and the SpheraApp.jar from the cluster (or any other machine with the same version an build).

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