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If you want to add a template file using the ToCopy mechanism, you must perform the following:



hostdir.xml should be edit (please stop SD and backup the file).
A proper rfile child should be added under the xml node defined by the following keys_path:



- file="[relative path under the VDS home directory]" - for example etc/hosts
- key="[unique string]" - it’s advised to use a unique name that will not collide with key name used by Sphera. For example: ricoh_r1
- replace="[VDS property name]" - for example: domain search="%%[string to search and replace]%%"/> for example DOMAIN 
Optional properties for the rfile object:
1) at_install_only="true" - in case that the rule should be performed only in case of add VDS
2) set_mandatory="false" - if the rule is not mandatory for set VDS (if the replacement file was removed
3) prefix=”[prefix string for the replacement string]" - only occurrence of the target string which is prefixed by the value of the prefix property, will be replaced.

For example:
 prefix="email webmaster@" 



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