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How can I reset SD3.6 and 3.8password, if I dont kinow the old password?


Please follow the procedure below:

1.      Login to the machine on which ServerDirector is installed, as the
Active Directory administrator.

2.      Copy the ResetPassword.exe onto that machine.

3.      Open a command line window (CMD) and change the directory to the
directory that contains  ResetPassword.exe.

4.      Run the ResetPassword.exe using the following command line:
ResetPassword.exe -p NEW_PASSWORD
(where NEW_PASSWORD is the new desired password. Please note the password guideline below).

5.      If operation was successful, you will get a the message "password
was changed". Otherwise, an error message will appear.


The following guidelines should be followed for the password value:

1. The password should be constructed from printable characters excluding "%", ";", "|", "###", """ and "'". The password must be 6-8 characters long.

2. If the password contains a space character it should be entered between double quotes. (Example: ResetPassword.exe -p "abc def").

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