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How to use log configure tool

The log configure utility allows change the log parameters of a running process.

The most simple and popular uses are to make the processes start writing to a log file on the fly and to stop logging on the fly.

This will avoid the need to stop the component and start it again in debug mode.

The log configure utility can be found in Server Director version 3.5 UP6 above under /bin/log_configer

Or ask to download the log configer tool from support from Sphera ftp.

The log configure utility enables to log for 5 major processes of the Server Director, for each major process there is a log:

manager, saproxy, sphera, master & dns_master.


In case you download from Sphera FTP the permissions should be changed using the chmod command:

chmod 755 log_configure

log_configure utility Usage is:

 ./log_configer [package_ip program_name]

*Package_IP is monitored Sphera Component IP

*Program_name is monitored Sphera process

Example to monitor server director DNS manager:

./log_configer  dns_msater

*Note: the IP address is witch monitored service is configured to run on.

The log_configure textual menu will appear (see example below).

[root@tea bin]# ./log_configer dns_master

Program is dns_master

Package ip is

Root path is /.

1 - change program;

2 - change root path;

3 - set log configuration (full version);

4 - set log on;

5 - set log off;

0 - quit;

Please, enter your choice...


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