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  • Applies to:
  • Pro Control Panel Linux 10.3.0


Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.3.0
Topic : Hotfix
Addresses the following issues:
1. Enable / Disable of Domain creates problems with custom mail, ftp & www Records for zone.
2. Edit a site through GUI requires named running even if DNS service is hidden.


Version: 10.3.0 (Fedora Core 4, Fedora Core 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Cent OS 4.4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Cent OS 5.0)

Date:  25-Oct-2007     

Issue:  Enable/Disable of Domain creates problems with custom mail records for zone.
Resolution: If you do not want MX record to be modified dynamically, then disable the MX record for the domain. This can be done by using the CLIs provided with this hotfix. You can also disable MX record for new domains by setting defaults. Please refer to the help (-h option) of the CLIs.

Issue:  Edit a site through GUI requires 'named' running even if DNS service is hidden.
Resolution: This hotfix removes the checks that were enabled at the time of edit site operation. Now named service is not required to be running if DNS service is hidden.



32bit OS
md5sum: 6b740dcbbb6496ddad848c39d1eb8e8d
md5sum: 2d4c33f74458c17e2994bbfeead9d3c3
md5sum: 7982fdc73be2f49640bf60e883d5ef41
md5sum: d0c82778df34149a8edf791b15130907

For FC6:

32bit OS
md5sum: 559546024bdf1048eaf64159bca42e91
md5sum: 229371ec19ba2d90355949f986634fa4
md5sum: 6e608ec5c9dbf15b0422ced2351dfdd6
md5sum: 932fda1f9eaf389d85c09c98fc910130

64bit OS
md5sum: 89f608a64716c53e94ebf043424099db
md5sum: a0d5aac8a3d5d424427eff1488084b50
md5sum: 2201e89aa86e754b26502f8cddae7dcc
md5sum: d37e58090365601105e3aa34c2e3ee5e 


32bit OS
md5sum: 0c12c208966a9c5e11df5b2311fdbe0e
md5sum: d4cbb36e17142628370f0d365184e5db
md5sum: c331e36d769f511d1891b6253a4e7bea
md5sum: 2ef2763070b9427b3dbc68c0692dbc3c 

64bit OS
md5sum: 1d0bb95f321b4eed18c288702f91293d
md5sum: a269d3f4eeb0d7d5ec71c47cb49d845a
md5sum: 37c82dec459d3c0075bf37080dea9fce
md5sum: 71727578266ba804fe7b3b49d3b0c3f0 


32bit OS
md5sum: bbd4d2163b6f831e8132841049811ea9
md5sum: 572f162715100034a0c9015d3b6ef987
md5sum: 2a8704f3a47cbad4f6abc0504eafd232
md5sum: c0450ec5b714c2844f409c635e1a6318 

64bit OS
md5sum: b89aa11d3ddcbe47a62dcdbe03750c6f
md5sum: c174d99bfc01bd0100810a5a92e4cb5a
md5sum: 068744740e0d96879dc7ee2949e163eb
md5sum: ddf5b4c583cc5f1a67fe2b6dbc6d5a05

Installation Procedure:

1. Upgrade the RPM.

    For FC4 (i386):
    rpm -Uvh epl-site-comp-10.3.0-fc.4.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-server-comp-10.3.0-fc.4.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-sendmail-10.3.0-fc.4.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-bind-10.3.0-fc.4.22.i386.rpm 

    For FC6 (i386):
rpm -Uvh epl-site-comp-10.3.0-fc.6.22.i386.rpm 
    rpm -Uvh epl-server-comp-10.3.0-fc.6.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-sendmail-10.3.0-fc.6.22.i386.rpm  
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-bind-10.3.0-fc.6.22.i386.rpm    

    For RHEL4 (i386):
    rpm -Uvh epl-site-comp-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-server-comp-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-sendmail-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-bind-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.i386.rpm 

    For RHEL5 (i386):
    rpm -Uvh epl-site-comp-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-server-comp-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-sendmail-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-bind-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.i386.rpm

    For FC6 (x86_64):
    rpm -Uvh epl-site-comp-10.3.0-fc.6.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-server-comp-10.3.0-fc.6.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-sendmail-10.3.0-fc.6.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-bind-10.3.0-fc.6.22.x86_64.rpm 

    For RHEL4 (x86_64):
    rpm -Uvh epl-site-comp-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-server-comp-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-sendmail-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-bind-10.3.0-rhel.4ES.22.x86_64.rpm 

    For RHEL5 (x86_64):
    rpm -Uvh epl-site-comp-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.x86_64.rpm 
    rpm -Uvh epl-server-comp-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-sendmail-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.x86_64.rpm
    rpm -Uvh webppliance-bind-10.3.0-rhel.5ES.22.x86_64.rpm


Use RHEL4 rpms for CentOS4.4 and RHEL5 rpms for CentOS5

Post Installation Instructions:

1. Service epld restart

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