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Customer credit card number in PBA CP is shown masked as 1234*********.


By default PBA shows customer credit card numbers masked for security reasons.


Credit card number can be made visible to provider in Edit mode. "CreditCard_UpdateWin.xml"  window customization is used for this purpose. Credit card number can not be made visible in View mode.

To make the customization:

1. Log in to PBA-E server as root.

2. Go to the folder "~bm/wnd/BM/customization". This directory contains customizable PBA-E screens.

3. Open the file "CreditCard_UpdateWin.xml" for editing.

4. Find the following XML block:
<window id="CreditCard_UpdateWin">
    <grid id="dataGeneral Info" group="General Info">
      <row id="CardNumber" after="Logo">
        <cell labelfor="CardNumber">`Credit Card Number`</cell>
        <cell>CutNumber "&#32;&#32;" vFoundInBlackList</cell>
      <row id="vFoundInBlackList" remove="yes">

5. Change the line "<cell>CutNumber "&#32;&#32;" vFoundInBlackList</cell>" as follows:
"<cell>CardNumber "&#32;&#32;" vFoundInBlackList</cell>"

6. Exit saving changes.

7. Ffor changes to take effect, restart the container 'www' container: "/etc/init.d/pba restart www"

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