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An order fails with the following exception in the subscription service status history:

Registering domain in external source failed. An attempt to call external for name servers failed. An attempt to call external for name servers failed. PEM error #2000: Subscription sub_id=1084390 has no such resource, 'domain_parking'.. Registering domain in external source for domain #72189 Selecting domain for registration by order item #70474 Creating domain service for order item #70474 Domain status:Prepared.


The parent subscription lacks certain resources presented in the service template.

A common issue is that the domain subscription provisioning fails if the default DNS plan has been upgraded and the customer's subscription to this plan is not in sync with the plan.


The parent subscription can be determined from the error message text, e.g., 1084390. To prevent this from happening with other domain subscriptions, it is best to synchronize the parent subscription's service plan with all subscriptions. Synchronization can be done as follows:

1. Go to the parent subscription's service plan properties.
2. Click Synchronize.
3. Select the Install New Resources check-box.
3. Select Install Immediately as Synchronization Type.
4. Select other options as necessary.
5. Click Synchronize.

If there is a sufficient number of subscriptions (over 500, for instance), the current Parallels Business Automation (PBA) session may expire due to a timeout in the middle of synchronization. In this case, synchronization will still proceed as scheduled without problems.

Scheduling Synchronization

If the parent service plan has composite resources (both TBA and old), synchronization may take several hours to finish (see approximate completion times in the table below). Schedule synchronization so that it finishes before the daily billing process in order to prevent possible system overload.

Number of Subscriptions Approximate Time (Hrs)
500 0.3
17000 3 - 3.5

Note: After the synchronization is finished, check several subscriptions to see whether it succeeded:
1. In subscription properties: click Synchronize; the message All subscription resources are in sync with plan signifies success.
2. In BM.log: search for UpgradeToCurrentPlanVersion method invocation and check its result below.

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