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Article ID: 3843, created on Feb 8, 2008, last review on Apr 18, 2012

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  • Helm 3


When I ran the latest update, it affected billing. Now when I add a payment (e.g. $123.45), it puts it in Helm as $12345.00. Two decimal places (or more) appear to have been added.
It is most likely in this situation that your server is not natively English. In this situation, you need to bear in mind the following:
1.) You need to first log in to the server using the HELM_ADMIN username and password (which you would have chosen when installing Helm). Once logged in, change the regional settings of the server to English. To do this,
a) Go to Windows Control Panel > Regional Settings
b.) On each tab, make sure that any language dropdown box is set to "English (United Kingdom)".
c.) Click Apply, then reboot the machine.
2.) This will only affect the regional settings for the HELM_ADMIN account. Your other NT accounts (such as your administrator account) will still have your native regional settings. However, there is a rare problem with COM+ (Component Services) whereby if you try to run the Helm Update whilst logged in as a user with native settings other than English, the components from that update will be installed with those native settings, and not English. This will then cause the decimal problem you see. This is because even though the Helm components are set to use the HELM_ADMIN role (which you changed the regional settings of to English in step 1), the regional settings of the logged in user will take precedence over this.
To rectify this problem, simply log in to the server as HELM_ADMIN and run the Helm update. This should solve your issue.

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