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Article ID: 3841, created on Feb 8, 2008, last review on May 28, 2015

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When trying to edit a server in Helm, it fails with the following error:

Unable to update server. License on server is invalid.


On the affected server go to Configuration Tool > Licence tab and click Update Now. License update will most likely fail. This could happen due to the following reasons:

  1. Make sure you have MS XML 4.0 SP2 installed, as per the Pre-Install Guide and Configuration Guide. This needs to be on every Helm-controlled server.

  2. If you have recently been using the license on a different server and moved it to the server you are having the above problem with, you will need to reset this license first. To reset a license, please submit a support request to Odin Customer Support team at

  3. Check that your Helm System Identity user is running under UK or US settings. To do this, open up the Helm Configuration Tool and find the name of the Windows user on the System Identity tab. By default this is the HELM_ADMIN user. Now log into the server using this user and password (the password should be whatever you chose when installing Helm, and if you have multiple servers the password will be the same on all of them for this user). Once logged into the server as the System Identity user, do the following depending on your operating system:

Windows 2000

Go to Start > Control Panel > Regional Options and make sure that your locale on the General tab is set to English (United Kingdom) and that the language settings are set to Western Europe.

Windows 2003

Go to Start > Control Panel > Regional and LanguageĀ Options and make sure that the first dropdown box on the Regional Options tab is set to English (United Kingdom) and that the location is set to United Kingdom. On the Advanced tab, make sure the language in the first dropdown is set to English (United Kingdom).

You may need to reboot your machine after doing this.

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