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  • Helm 3


When I try to run the Bandwidth or Diskspace Collectors on a server (either manually or in a scheduled task), I get the following errors:
2004-11-11 14:19:33 HELMDISKUSAGECOLLECTOR::LaunchAnalyser Unable to execute HelmDiskUsageAnalyser on server 'SERVERNAME'.
2004-11-11 14:19:45 HELMBANDWIDTHCOLLECTOR::LaunchAnalyser Unable to execute BandwidthAnalyser on server 'SERVERNAME'
This could be due to several reasons:
1.) Open the relevant scheduled task (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks). Does it say that it could not run because an incorrect password was given? If so, check the user that the scheduled task is running under. If it is HELM_ADMIN, re-enter the Helm password in the task and make sure that it is correct. Then try to run it manually. If it runs without the scheduled task repeating the same error, then the problem should be resolved.
2.) If the above step is fine, check the communication between the control server and the remote server(s). Run the Self Diagnostic tool in Helm - do all the following steps pass: Registry Access, File System Access, Helm Admin Access? If not, then this suggests a communication issue between the control server and the remote(s) which may be causing problems with the collectors. If this is the case, then there is a good chance that resolving the communication issue will also fix the collector problem.
3.) If points 1 and 2 are fine, then check the Event Viewer (Start > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer) and see if there are any DCOM errors. There may be something similar to the following:
Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server. The server is:
{Big Server ID here}
The user is NETWORK SERVICE/NT AUTHORITY, SID= (relevant SID number)
If you have something similar to the above error, you need to do the following. Go to:
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Component Services > DCom Config > Microsoft WMI Provider Subsystem Host > Properties > Security

Change Access Permissions to Customize, and allow the NETWORK_SERVICE, INTERACTIVE and Administrators to access the service. This should solve any permissions issues and let the collectors run.
4.) If none of the above work, try the following:
- Download the Helm RPC tester. This tests a Remote Procedure Call which is what the Helm Collectors use to call the Analysers. It can be found here:
- Open this up, and put in the IP of the machine you are trying to connect to in order to collect bandwidth. Also put in the path to the HelmBandwidthAnalyser on that machine. In most cases it will be:
C:\\Program Files\\WebHost Automation\\Helm\\System\\HelmBandwidthAnalyser.exe
Click OK to try and connect to it. If it brings up an error, then there are likely to be NTFS file permissions on your server. You should run the "Checkdisk" utility in Windows to rectify this.
If, however, it says it was successful, go to step 5.
5.) If you still have problems, raise a support ticket with your licence provider (assuming you have a relevant support plan).

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