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Article ID: 3805, created on Feb 8, 2008, last review on May 11, 2014

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  • Helm 3


When I run the Helm Self Diagnostic on a server, it fails with the following error:
Microsoft IIS 5.0 failed with errors: 1. Microsoft IIS is not installed on this server.
(or if running IIS 6:)
Microsoft IIS 6.0 failed with errors: 1. Microsoft IIS is not installed on this server.
This indicates one of two things:
1.) Make sure that you have actually installed IIS on the server that you are running the diagnostic on.
2.) If you have, and the diagnostic is being run on a remote server, you need to ensure that IIS on the control server can communicate with IIS on the remote server. To do this, open IIS on the control server, right-click on the name of your IIS server and choose Connect. Then enter the IP of the remote server and click OK. If IIS cannot connect, it will give you a message saying:
Unable to connect to this computer
If this is the case, it indicates that communication is blocked between the control and remote server, most likely by a firewall or something similar. This needs to be resolved before Helm can work - if your IIS servers cannot communicate, Helm won't be able to either.
3.) If you have tried both of the above and it is still showing the issue, reboot the Helm server and the IIS server.  
4.) If none of the above fix the issue, it may be a problem with FrontPage Extensions - there have been reports of FPE causing a similar issue, which was resolved by removing and reinstalling FPE on the server.

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