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How can I move Helm and its database to a new server?
To move Helm you can simply take a back-up of your HelmDB. Then install Helm on your new server, reset your licence key via your WHA account and then restore your backed up HelmDB.
However, if the IP references have changed you will need to alter all these in Helm. If you are able to assign the same IP's to the new server this would help you as then you would just need to back up IIS, mail, and the domains files and restore these on your new server without changing the HelmDB.
There is also currently no supported back-up or restore tool to handle moving of domains or DNS zones from one server to another. There is a tool for Web, Mail and FTP which will re-create accounts from the HelmDB using the new IPs if you alter these first.
This is called HelmRestoreTool.exe and is available in the Tools subfolder of your Helm installation folder. Details on how to use this can be found here:
There are a few users on our forum who have moved servers. It is suggested you do a quick search on there and you may find lots of useful topics.

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