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SmarterStats requires the .NET framework to be installed. This should be done as per the SmarterStats installation instructions.
SmarterStats can use its own Web Server or IIS. If you plan to run SmarterStats on port 80 then you should either use IIS or disable socket pooling for IIS to use the SmarterStats web server. The preference would be to simply create a site in IIS, but if you want to use the Smartertools web server to run the site on port 80, this article will help:
For further information on running SmarterStats on port 80 on the Smarterstats web server, please refer to Smartertools directly.
Helm communicates with SmarterStats using the Service IP as specified in Helm. If you will be running SmarterStats on it's own port such as 9999 then no further configuration is needed other than specifying the correct port details in Helm.
However let's assume you want to run SmarterStats on its own IP on port 80.
In Helm enter the IP you wish to use for the SmarterStats service.
The SmarterStats service should be created here:
Home > System Settings > Servers > Your Server > Stats Service
For the Port number enter a non used port such as 9999
Then create your SmarterStats site in IIS, as per the SmarterStats documentation. The Host Header information for this site should contain the following information:
IP Address                                  
1.) Helm Stats Service IP              
2.) Helm Stats Service IP  
TCP Port
1.) 80
2.) 9999
Host Header
This will mean that users can access SmarterStats on the ServiceIP port 80 through their browser but also that Helm will be able to communicate with SmarterStats using the alternative port. This is required so no conflict occurs with Helm trying to communicate on port 80.
If you want customers to be able to enter in their browser to access SmarterStats then the ServiceIP should be a dedicated IP address and you can then create a Global DNS Entry for this.

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